Friends of Even Swindon Questionnaire 2016

The Friends of Even Swindon are a group of parent and staff volunteers who organise and run social and fundraising activities for the whole school community.  Our aims are to raise funds that enhance the experiences and education of all children whilst having fun and getting together as a whole school community.  This questionnaire is to gather your views on the activities organised by the Friends, to find out how we can get more parents involved and to hear the fresh ideas you might have to encourage further community participation.  Please can you take a few moments of your time to complete the questionnaire by clicking on the link below by Friday 11th March – all entries will go into a prize draw for three families to win free tickets to the next school disco.

Year 5- Titanic WOW Day

We spent the morning doing a variety of activities, including:

·         Researching our character to find out about us and if we died or survived

·         Debating who was at fault for so many people dying using different sources and statements

·         Cooking and Baking – we made bread loaves, peeled and chopped LOTS of vegetables and then some children chopped vegetables to go into three pies that we cooked.

In the afternoon we had musical entertainment as we danced along to Irish Jigs in 3rd class and enjoyed waltzing in 1st and 2nd class.

Then having built up our appetite we had a banquet with our fellow passengers.