Jonathan’s Jungle Roadshow

Jonathan’s Jungle Roadshow came to visit as part of our topic of minibeasts.

The children met maximus the millipede, King Julian the snake, Elsa and Naomi the spider and June the grasshopper.

I think most children loved the snake the best and all children in the afternoon held him including some of our children from the two year old room.

Reception Blog- 5/5/16

This week I am pleased to say that the beans are growing really well!  We are looking forward to planting them out in our outside learning area, but we will have to be careful of inquisitive little fingers!

We continue to look at the growth cycle of plants and are currently studying sunflowers.

We are making the most of the beautiful weather and have even been doing some of our writing groups outside, we have been getting our creative juices flowing and writing about what we can see.

In PE we are working on our ball skills and learning how to control a ball with accuracy, I think we might have some budding football stars!

We are so impressed with the fabulous beanstalks that are coming in from home, the homework is great and we are really pleased that everyone is working so hard on their numbers, phonics and reading.  Well done!