Reception Blog- 30/09/16

We have had a super week this week!  We have been engineers – making houses using straws and marshmallows, it was very hard to concentrate with the delicious sugary smell in the classroom!

On the theme of our story this week, we have been making pig faces with paper plates and creating houses with 2D shapes.

It was harvest festival on Thursday, so we have been practising our singing ready for the event, we all sang so beautifully!

We have also enjoyed science this week, learning what happens to the tissue when we blow on it!  Lots of giggles!


We have had some very clever people this week, Xavier has achieved his green belt in martial arts and Oscar proudly showed his certificate for the Reading challenge.

What super stars!

Sounds Learnt this week:

We have been learning the sounds, s/ a/ t/ p/ i/ n/ g, so please feel free to practice these sounds at home and even started to blend them with words such as :sat, tin, pin and tap

Enjoy your weekend!

Year 1- Body and Senses

In year 1, we have been looking at our body and our senses. We tasted and smelt lots of different foods. We enjoyed tasting the sweet fruit but didn’t like smelling the coffee or vinegar. Yuck! We also played a sight memory game, made music and guessed what was in a bag using our sense of touch.

Reception Blog- 22/09/16

This has been our first full week in school and wow what a week it has been!

We have visited our allotment and seen what has been growing over the summer, we saw potatoes, sweetcorn, raspberries, carrots and lots of onions and herbs that smelt so good!

We have been enjoying the Owl Babies story, making owl babies, painting owls and even retelling the story to our friends using puppets we made ourselves in our very own puppet theatre!

We went on a welly walk to look for sticks and leaves and any other things we think owls might use for their nests and have used our imagination to play with them and become owls.

Today we had PE and learnt about space and balancing, enjoying learning to skip and hop and exploring following instructions.

What a week, we will be tired out!

Taunton Trenches

We would like the children to create a model that represents the trenches dug on the Western Front during WW1. This consisted of long narrow ditches dug into the mud on both the German side and the Allied forces side. Between the two sides, there consisted an empty space called ‘No Man’s Land’ which the soldiers crossed to attack the other side.

 This can be created in many ways, including Lego, papier mache or playdough. In addition, your children could use coils of thin wire to represent the barbed wire defences and add strips of cardboard as trenching planks and scraps of rolled cloth as sandbags.