Reception Blog 29.06.17


We’ve had another fun filled week in reception.

We asked our children a rather big question; “Why is our world special?” we got some brilliant answers.  They recognised that there are lots of different countries and in those different countries there are lots of different people who speak different languages and eat different food, we have some budding explorers who want to travel far and wide and one who even wants to go into space! Brilliant!

We continue to practise our sounds and try to put them into practise in our writing.

This week, we were lucky enough to have some willing volunteers come to school to help us plant some new tress into our Eco area, of course reception went along to help dig, water and bed in (stomp!) the new fruit trees, we even spotted some fruit budding!

Our book focus for next week will be The Train Ride by June Crebbin.

We continue to enjoy the Balanceability training and are pleased to announce that we have had our first person successfully move from the balance bikes to a pedal bike!  Well Done Reilly, we are super proud of you!

Reception Blog 16/06/17

Wow, what an exciting time we have had this week!

It has been arts week in school , so we have been lucky enough to have drama lessons in class, courtesy of Prime Youth Theatre, from The Wyvern.  They run a youth group for children and young people from 5-25 years.  If your child enjoyed it, you can book a free taster session, please email

We also had the pleasure of Swindon Dance coming in to teach each year group a dance based on a different country.  The inspiration for reception is India, so we have been learning a dance called a Mudra , which is a story being told using hand movements.  We have been practising really hard anywhere we can, in class, in our PE lessons and even in the playground at lunch and break times!  The rest of the school will be amazed when we perform it to them on Friday.

We have been continuing with the book The Queens Knickers and have been designing Knickers that we think the Queen might like; we also wrote to the Queen to let her know that we had her knickers and if she would like to come and collect them, we would hold an afternoon tea party – and she ACCEPETED our invitation!   Well what excitement, we had to make sandwiches, make cakes and write menus.  We were very busy.  True to her word the Queen arrived yesterday afternoon, Amazing!  She really enjoyed our cake and sandwiches and we even presented her with a special safe to keep her knickers in in future. We all remembered to call her Mam (rhyming with ham) and she even offered Mrs Husband a job in her palace!

Our book focus for next week will be The Queens Hat by Steve Antony.

Reception Blog- 26/5/17

Reception Blog

25th May 2017

Our final week has been a hot and sunny one!

We have been doing as much outside learning as we can, to make the most of our outside areas and enjoying the weather! On that note, please remember to put sun cream on your children before they come to school and to bring in a sunhat!

We are practising reading sentences in phonics, the children are doing so well.

Today Truro class were lucky enough to go to Pizza Express in the outlet village to learn how to make a pizza, they each made their own and got to take it home.  They looked delicious! (Redruth have already had the pleasure and St Austell will be going after the holiday.)

Our next focus is Journeys.  We asked the children what a journey was and where they would like to go.  If you are going on a journey over the holiday, it would be great to see a picture of it.

Our book focus will be The Queens Knickers by Nicholas Allen

We hope you have a great break and look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 6th June.

Reception Blog- 19/5/17

It has been a great week this week, with lots of exciting things going on.

Today we enjoyed a visit from a magician called “The Great Randini” who taught us all about road safety and the magic of Stop Look and Listen!

In maths we have been looking at halving and sharing, we have put the children in lots of different scenarios and looked at how we can share objects and halve objects, they grasped this really well.

Our studies of the book The very Hungry Caterpillar have been a great success and have led to lots of great writing, recounting the story and some beautiful creations of caterpillars.

We set the children a challenge question this week and asked them why we have the logo of a train on our uniform?  We have had some great answers to this, including “So that people know we are all from the same place.”   The children have been engrossed in making model trains, copying our logo and even building a train line, complete with outlet village and station!

In our outdoor classroom we have made some very tuneful wind chimes!  Thank you for all the donations of metal cutlery and even some copper piping cut to size, complete with holes drilled! Amazing!

Exciting news:

We have been working very hard today in our Eco Classroom, creating a superb bug hotel!  We foraged for lots of natural things to make some interesting habitats for the bugs to enjoy.  We sat in our log circle and enjoyed talking about the bugs that might use the hotel and look forward to going back to see our visitors!

Book focus for next week will be Jack and the Beanstalk.

Reception Blog 12/5/17

We have been making the most of our outside learning area, the beautiful bird feeders have been attracting some birds and even butterflies.  We set the children a challenge to find ways of getting across the area without touching the ground!  It was brilliant to see them working together as a team and problem solving.

It has been healthy schools week, so we have talked about how we keep ourselves healthy and what we can eat to keep our bodies healthy, we loved making smoothies and thinking up different recipes!

Our book focus for this week has been The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.  We have made some amazing pictures of caterpillars and looked at the life cycle of the caterpillar.  This led us onto looking at butterflies and symmetrical patterns.

The children have been given the exciting opportunity to learning how to ride a bike, so we have started a Balanceability course where they start to leaning how to balance on balance bikes (with no pedals and no stabilizers)  They are doing really well, some are managing to take their feet off the floor and confidently glide.


Next Week:

Please keep up with the reading and learning our tricky words.

Our book focus for next week will be Jaspers Beanstalk by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen.


Polite Reminder:

Please be aware that the area outside Truro and Redruth Classrooms is an outside learning are and not a playground to be used before and after school.