Year 5 local area walk

On Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th March, Year 5 went on a local area walk around Swindon to learn more about the Great Western Railway that Brunel created. We walked around the railway village and saw many different buildings including the mechanic’s institute, the Bakers arms public house and the original church. We also saw the water tower and the GWR school which in 1847 had a class size of 168 pupils!

Cross Country 2016- Lydiard Park Academy

Several children from Year 3 up to Year 6 went to Lydiard Park Academy to take part in the Annual Cross Country Competition, where the children run a mile around the grounds of the school and part of Lydiard Park. All the teams performed brilliantly but most notable were the performances of the Year 3/4 Boys who finished in 3rd place overall and the Year 5/6 Girls team who finished as the champions for Swindon.

Well done everyone though!

Gymnastics Competition- 28/04/16

Children from year 1 to year 6 recently competed in the gymnastics competition at the Swindon Schools games.  All the children performed their routines  really well and behaved excellently throughout the day.

The results of the competition were as follows;

Year 1 and 2 – Second place (only 0.5 away from 1st!)

Year 3 and 4 Team B – Fourth place (only 0.5 away from 3rd!)

Year 3 and 4 Team A – First place

Year 5 and 6 – First place

A very big well done to all and thank you to Mrs Rouse for all her work with the team this year!

Year 5- Titanic WOW Day

We spent the morning doing a variety of activities, including:

·         Researching our character to find out about us and if we died or survived

·         Debating who was at fault for so many people dying using different sources and statements

·         Cooking and Baking – we made bread loaves, peeled and chopped LOTS of vegetables and then some children chopped vegetables to go into three pies that we cooked.

In the afternoon we had musical entertainment as we danced along to Irish Jigs in 3rd class and enjoyed waltzing in 1st and 2nd class.

Then having built up our appetite we had a banquet with our fellow passengers.