Early Years Blog- 12/01/17

Happy New Year!

Welcome back, we hope you all had a wonderful break!

We have had a great 1st week and half back! Our topic this term is all about bears, starting off with some winter bear stories.

On Thursday the 5th of January we went on a winter wellie walk to see if we can find any frost, ice or snow outside. We noticed that most of the outside equipment was covered in frost and ice. We then walked around to the field which looked like a big ice rink! It was covered in frost too, when we walked along the field we could feel/ hear the grass crunch because of our feet, we also left footprints in the grass for other children to follow.

Billie- 05/01/17 AM

“I can hear the floor sounds like a cookies crunching”

William- 05/01/17 AM

“It’s melting because of the sun”

When we got back from our winter walk we did an experiment, we filled 3 different contains up with water and put them outside over night to see what would happen, On Friday we collected the contains and we found out that the water inside had turned to ice because it was so cold outside overnight.

This week we have been making some magical winter pictures to go up around our classroom. We all had to use a thinking heads to try and remember what we saw when we went on our wellie walk to make our wintery pictures.

We have done some new activities this week that we haven’t done before in nursery the first one was called ‘squiggle whilst you wiggle’ we have to dance along to music moving our arms and bodies and then on big pieces of paper we had to recreate the moves we made in our drawings.

We also used something called Brusho which makes our invisible pictures appear like magic! We use a white crayon on some white paper and then we brush the Brusho over the paper and watch our picture appear on the page.

Our role play area has been transformed into a hairdresser’s/ beauty parlour. You can make an appointment to have your hair cut, coloured, washed, get your nails done or have you make up done for you. All the grown-ups love it! They all had the privilege to get the hair done by some of our top stylists! We have had lots of fun and really enjoyed playing in the hairdressers.

Our story this week has been ‘Snow bears surprise’ and we have transformed our sensory area into the polar bears cave in the story!

This week we have been learning all about positional language (behind, in front, on top etc..) all the children have been working really hard at trying to remember and have had fun doing the igloo game with the bears.

We have had some really big treats for snack today!

Monday- Meringue caves with cream and berries

Tuesday- Tomato soup

Wednesday- Fruit

Thursday- Nibbles

Friday- Fruit


We have had some birthdays over the Christmas break!

We hope you all had a lovely birthday and got what you wanted

Happy birthday to…

Olivia. B- 21/12/16

Stephanie- 26/12/16

Spencer- 31/12/16

Anish- 08/01/17

Beamount- 10/01/17

Happy 4th birthday

Early Years Blog- 18/11/16

We ended our Nursery Rhyme week learning the nursery rhyme Two Little Dickie Birds. We made Dickie Bird pictures using feathers and colouring pencils they’re hanging around the classroom.

This week has been out of this world… We have been learning about space and ways we can get up to space. We started the week off by reading the story ‘Whatever Next’ if you don’t know the story it’s about a Baby Bear who makes a spaceship out of a cardboard box so he can go up to the moon, on the way to the moon he met a new friend Owl and they had a picnic on the moon. We have had lots of fun space activities to do.

The first activity we did was to think and plan how we could get up to the moon. Our morning friends were put into small groups and went outside with Mrs Wojciak to make how they would like to go to the moon, there was lots of lovely ideas of how we could travel to the moon.

Brooke AM-



Isaav AM-

“Magic Car”


Sophie AM-

“Hot Air Balloon”


Sarah AM-

“A rocket”

“Going to space”


Our Afternoon friends were put into small groups as well but they went outside with Miss Read to make a model of  how they would like to travel to the moon. Again there were some lovely ideas just like the morning children.


Ana PM-

“Hot air balloon”


Olivia and Tallulah PM-

Work together to make a “funny rocket”


Rahi Pm-

“Scooter Bike”


Bibby PM-

“Super Bike”


We used the Bricks, blocks and the junk modelling to create our ideas outside.

As well as learning all about space we were learning about shapes and what shapes we can see around our classroom and what shapes we can use to make our rockets.

We also used the lick and stick shapes to make our very own shape rockets.

This week in P.E. we did something different and something very exciting! We didn’t go to the hall we went on a wellie walk shape hunt! We received a very important letter from Baby Bear he had lost all of his shapes that he needed to make his rocket. So we had to be super detectives and use are good looking eyes to find all off the shapes. We walked all around the school onto to the field to find the shapes! We have some super detectives in our classroom! They were running around like ninjas finding the shapes for baby bear!

We received another letter from Baby Bear thanking us for all our hard work being detectives to find all his shapes! He can now build his rocket to take him back up to the moon!

Finally, we have decorated our Diwali Pots! And they will be coming home with us very soon!

To finish our week of we are wearing Pyjamas to school to raise money for children in need! We have had lots of Pudsey themed activities, Pudsey colouring, Bears in the water and we have been decorating our very own Pudsey Bear biscuits to take home!


A very big happy 4th birthday to…

Rahmat 16/11/16

We have also had another birthday this week but it wasn’t a child’s it was Mrs Curtis’ 14/11/16.

So a big happy birthday to you as well Mrs Curtis!

We hope you both had wonderful days!


Thank you to everyone who has been reading our blog! We really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read it! We have been informed that we have gone international! We have family members reading our blog in Wales! So please remember to tell your family members all about our blog to so they can see what their grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins etc… are up to in nursery! Thank you again and we really hope your enjoying finding out what we’re are up to! J

Just a little reminder that Nursery will be closed next Friday 25/11/16 as it’s a TD day!

Early Years Blog- 10/11/16

At the end of last week on Friday we finished off our learning Diwali by dancing to Indian music in the big hall and using the instruments to make our own Indian music.

On Monday we had lots of fun sharing our stories of which fireworks we saw on Saturday for bonfire night.

We did lots of firework activates, we made our own firework pictures using sparkly paint and sponges, we rolled out white paint all over the table and then we made our marks using cotton buds to make our very own firework patterns.

Outside we had lots of fun splattering paint and sponge painting (we got very messy!).

For snack we made sparklers to eat… they were made out of breadsticks, icing and sprinkles!

This week has been Nursery Rhyme Week.

We have been doing a different nursery rhyme everyday: –

Tuesday- Doctor Foster

We made our very own rain makers out of two plastic cups, pasta and rice, we made puddle hats, coloured in pictures of Doctor Foster and experimented with different materials to make umbrellas and then poured water on them to see if our umbrellas kept our bears dry. On the carpet we decorated a big umbrella with different colours and materials.

Outside we had puddle jumping and painting, the ribbons and pompoms and foam paint.

For snack we had double Gloucester cheese and crackers because Doctor Foster went to Gloucester.

Wednesday- Baa Baa Black Sheep

We made our own Baa Baa Black Sheep by sticking cotton wool on to a picture of a sheep and painted it black. We had a big black sheep on the carpet and decorated with different white material. We coloured in pictures of the Baa Baa Black Sheep rhyme. We also continued making our own instruments, we made guitars out of junk boxes and rubber bands.

In P.E. we had the parachute out, we played lots of different games with it like the: – cat and mouse game, the stormy weather story, we made a tent with the parachute by all of us going under the parachute and sitting on the edge, we played a game called fruit salad which was a little tricky but it was very funny, all of us had our own fruit name either an apple, banana, pear or plum and when Mrs Wojciak called our fruit we had to go under the parachute!

Thursday- Incy Wincy Spider

We got to make yummy spider biscuits for snack using icing, strawberry laces, raisins and smarties.

Also we had fun making spider hats, colouring the incy wincy spider pictures, sparkly string spider web pictures and in the construction area there was a large pieces of string for us to make our own large spider webs.

As well as having lots of fun during nursery rhyme week we have had some special visitors in… Our mummies and daddies!! They looked like they had lots of fun helping us learn and play!

Mrs Wojciak, Mrs Curtis, Miss Read and Miss Taylor want to say a big thank you to all the parents that came and joined in with our stay and plays this week! It was lovely to see so many of you in and we hope you enjoyed yourself and liked seeing what your children get up to when you’re not around. When we have another stay and play in the future we hope to see you all in again and hope we haven’t scared any of you away hehe J Thank you again we know the children had so much fun having you in too!


A very big happy 4th birthday to…

Emma 09/11/16

Benjamin 11/11/16


Thank you for reading and again thank you to so many parents joining in with the stay and play sessionsJ

Early Years- 03/11/16

We hope you all have had a lovely half term and enjoyed your break away!

This week we have been learning all about Diwali!

Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights.

To celebrate we have made our own diva pots out of clay (diva pots are to hold candles in them)which we will be decorating once dry and then the children will bring them home for you to enjoyJ. We also decorated rangoli patterns inside using coloured rice and paint and made our own rangoli patterns outside on the floor using chalk and 2D shapes.

You can find some of our rangoli patterns on display in our classroom.

Outside we have used string to follow the painted rangoli patterns in the big builder’s tray.

We have transformed our home corner into a Dark Den! We have to use torches to find our way through the cave!

We also have all been superstars and have tried some Indian food; we have tried curry sauce, naan bread and samosas! We always encourage the children to try new things at snack time.

Henesa(AM) 03-11-16

Telling the story of Diwali-

“the monster carried the princess away then the monkey helped her to fly and she had magic powers then they all had a fight”

One of our focuses this week was to use scissors to cut some lines and pictures out. Most of the children have had a really good try and have been amazing at it!
In P.E. this week we have learnt a new song all about Diwali, and we had to move around in a big circle acting out the actions in the song.

We have also made some lovely pictures using shapes.

Olivia.R. (PM) 03-11-16

“look I made a funny bird”

Sophia B.K. (PM) 03-11-16

“I used two circles, a square and triangles to make a penguin!”


A very big happy 4th birthday: –

Tiera- 31/10/16

Rosie- 01/11/16

Isabella- 02/11/16

We hope you all had a wonderful birthday!


Thank you for reading and we’re really looking forward to seeing some of our parents in next week for nursery rhyme weekJ

Early Years Blog- 20/10/16

Sorry we’re a little late blogging everyone! We have been very busy!

Last week we have been trying NEW things just like the twirlywoos!

We got very messy whilst exploring new textures such as the oublix and foam wash:

Hollie – 10/10/16 (am)

“it feels like chewing gum” Talking about the oblix

Mushira – 12/10/16 (am)

“my hands are like snowman” Exploring the foam.

Rosie– 10/10/16 (pm)

“it’s very slimy and it looks like rain when it falls off your hands” Enjoying the oblix lifting her hands up and down.

Bibby– 12/10/16 (pm)

“it’s squidgy”   “cold”

“It’s staying sticky”    “My hands are soft”

Talking about the foam and how it feels.

In P.E. we have been playing with the big parachute! We played the cat and mouse game and the colour game.

The cat and mouse game is where one child has to go under the parachute (mouse) and another child goes on top (cat) and the cat needs to try and catch the mouse whilst the other children shake the parachute to make waves to hide the mouse.

Harry 12/10/16 (am)

“quick quick she’s getting away! Ha ha ha”

Lots of giggling! Cheering on his friend!

Santiago 12/10/16 (pm)

“Oh No, It’s a shark coming”

Pretending there was a shark amongst the waves!

The colour game is where a grown-up will say a colour and if your holding that colour you need to walk under the parachute to switch places with another child before the parachute falls back down. It was very funny as some of us got lost underneath as we weren’t quick to get out.

Sarah 12/10/16 (am)

Sarah got stuck under the parachute and tried to get out through the little hole in the middle.

“Out Out”

It was very funny as you could only see the top of her head, hehe!

Last week we learnt a new nursery rhyme ‘one elephant went out to play upon a spider’s web one day’. We learnt this at circle time and we all join in to do a group activity using elephants and some of us got to hold the elephants and be part of the song.

We have been learning about spiders as well and we have been making our own spiders out of dough, googly eyes and sticks. As well as having spiders in the dough we have had a really fun board game on the table called ‘insey winsey spider’, most of the us have given the game ago and have done some lovely turn taking and fantastic counting with the dice.

Outside we have been drawing spider webs and spiders on the floor and on black sugar paper, riding the bikes and we have learnt to wait for our turn and to share with each other.

The afternoon children have had a very SPECIAL visit this week, Pudsey Bear came into our classroom to say hello.


This week we have been learning all about autumn… We have been on a wellie walk to search for autumn leaves, conkers and twigs, we have used these to make autumn pictures using leaves, sparkles and lentils. We also made some fantastic paintings using conkers by rolling them over paper (conker rolling), you can find some of them on our autumn display at the back of the classroom. We have just started our leave printing and hopefully some pictures will be up around the classroom soon.

In P.E we learnt a new song ‘autumn leaves are falling’ and re-told the story ‘we’re going on a leaf hunt’ by moving around the room acting out parts of the story.



A very big happy 4th birthday to:

Sophia.G – 12/10/16

Laney – 15/10/16

We also have some birthdays in the half term…

Ana- 22/10/16

Elsie-May – 23/10/16

Elizabeth (Bibby)- 29/10/16

We hope you all have a very happy birthday!


Thank you for reading

Nursery Blog- 07/10/16

Welcome to St Erth’s first blog!

We have been very busy since coming back from the summer, all of the children have settled in nicely and are excited to learn and explore!

For the first couple of weeks the children have transformed our role play house into a party house as we have been learning all about parties. The children have decorated the house by themselves, hanging up the birthday banners, streamers, balloons, party plates and cups. The children have shown great determination blowing up the balloons all by themselves using the pumps.

We have also been looking at our own faces and we have drawn portrait pictures of ourselves. You can find them on our welcome wall in our construction area. We have also made yummy face biscuits and we have decorated them with icing, strawberry laces, white chocolate buttons, raisins and mini smarties.

This week we have been pretending just like Mr Tumble does! We have been doctors in the baby clinic, playing fire fighters with our fire trucks and hats, shop keepers and shoppers. We have also been doing lots of building in the construction area, building towers, houses, shops and castles with the big bricks.


We have celebrated lots of birthdays since being back from the summer…

Lilia- 01/09/16

Harry- 02/09/16

Mushira- 18/09/16


Addam- 26/09/16

Borys- 01/10/16

Sarah- 6/10/16


So a BIG Happy 4th Birthday to you all!

We can’t wait to continue our fun and learning and look forward to showing you all that we have been up to on our NEW blog!

Thank you