Year 1

    Year 1 Spring Assembly

    We have worked hard this term learning about plants and chicks. We also learned the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

    We then performed all that we loved learning about in an assembly.

    Year 1 did fantastically in their assembly and all your teachers are proud of the hard work you've done.

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    The Eggs have arrived!

    The eggs have arrived in the year 1 classrooms and we look forward to seeing some chicks in the next couple of days. We will keep you updated!

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    Growing Topic: Year 1

    We have been planting and watching lots of plants grow this topic. We all planted peas and are enjoying watching them grow each week. We also did an experiment and looked at how cress grows both on the windowsill and in a dark cupboard. We found out that plants need sunlight and won’t grow as well in the dark. In Liskeard, we have also planted some flowers outside of our classroom door.

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    Tasting Fruits with Year 1 - March 2018

    In preparation for our parent cafe, Year 1 have been tasting different fruits so we can then design a smoothie using our favourite fruits. We look forward to serving our smoothies to our parents next Friday at our parent cafe.

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    Year 1 Space Themed WOW Day 05.01.18

    On Friday 5th January, year 1 had their space themed WOW day to start their topic. We had lots of fun learning all about space and the planets. We then created some lovely drawings of the planets. After break, we were very lucky to have a visitor come in to talk to us. Helen Sharman, the first British woman in space came to talk to us and tell us more about space. She then showed us some training activities to do and let us try some food astronauts might eat up in space. We then finished the day by graduating as junior astronauts and celebrating with Helen.

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