At Even Swindon Primary School we promote a STEM based curriculum with links to growth mindset and metacognition. All teaching and learning is adapted from statements set directly from the National Curriculum which links to statements from our assessment tool.

Personalised learning is at the heart of effective teaching and learning. At Even Swindon, we recognise the need to develop strategies that will allow all children to learn in ways that best suit them so that they may fulfil their potential and meet the expected standard.

We encourage children to take risks with their learning, challenge themselves and take responsibility for reviewing the way they learn, and to reflect on how they learn – what helps them learn and what makes it difficult for them to learn. We promote a growth mindset amongst all stakeholders, and actively teach children to understand their own thought processes through metacognitive strategies.

The curriculum is split into foundation themes with STEM links, which are personalised and tailored to each year group, creating an exciting and purposeful memorable curriculum. The cross curricular approach enables the learning ‘to be real’ for the children.

Even Swindon’s Values and Learning Behaviours