We use the National Curriculum and Chris Quigley skills to guide our teaching. These set out the aims and objectives and detail what is to be taught in each year group. During 2013/2014 the teaching and learning practices within the school were reviewed in order to reflect the personalised and creative curriculum that the school was providing. Our medium and short term lesson plans contain detailed information about the teaching activities and tasks to be set to promote learning, the resources needed to individualise this learning, and the type of assessment to be used to reflect on the learning that has taken place.

In personalising the curriculum, we aim to find appropriate challenges for pupils and address their particular needs so that they may all have an equal opportunity to succeed. Personalised learning is at the heart of effective teaching and learning. At Even Swindon, we recognise the need to develop strategies that will allow all children to learn in ways that best suit them so that they may fulfil their potential.

We encourage children to take responsibility for their own learning, to be involved as far as possible in reviewing the way they learn, and to reflect on how they learn – what helps them learn and what makes it difficult for them to learn.

The curriculum is split into whole school themes in each term, which are personalised and tailored to each year group, creating an exciting and purposeful memorable curriculum. The cross curricular approach enables the learning ‘to be real’ for the children.

Even Swindon’s Values and Learning Behaviours