School Uniform

At the first parents forum we discussed and reviewed the current uniform policy. Governors have also been involved in this review.

There have not been many changes with regards to the uniform—please see the table below.

All changes will apply from September 2013.

The main points to raise are that the light blue polo shirts have not been a part of the uniform and are not on the table below. However, some children wear them and so this will be permitted for another year if your child already has them.

Black shoes have always been the uniform and this has continued.

Boots can be worn to school and then the children will be asked to change into their school shoes when indoors. Hair should be tied back at all times.

All of these points were agreed to by the parents forum.



We have a uniform to provide a practical and smart appearance for all the children. Some choice of clothing and colours is possible to provide versatility.




Shirts/blouses/polo shirts White or navy, long or short sleeves
Sweatshirts/cardigans Navy
Trousers/Skirts Grey, black Skirts should be knee length
Shoes Black, sensible flat heeled Trainers should not be worn. If boots are worn , children will need to change in to shoes in school.
Summer Dresses Blue/white, striped or check
Shorts Grey, black, smart For hot weather
PE Kit Black or navy shorts

white T Shirt

Navy tracksuit top or school jumper

Plimsolls or trainers for outdoor PE

PE Kit should be kept at school all week, as lesson days can be changed due to weather/ availability of facilities.

All kit/footwear must be a change of clothes, (not day wear) for hygiene reasons.