Bedtime Stories

Reading a bedtime story to your children can be a wonderful way to encourage sleep as well as having many more benefits. It can help and encourage your child to love reading and develops their imagination skills, transporting them into magical worlds. With the demands of life we know that sometimes it can be hard to find the time every night to share a story book, so some of the members of staff at Even Swindon have been reading some bedtime stories for you to share with your child at home. If any parents would like to video themselves reading a story then please let us know and we will add you to our collection or video you at school if that is more convenient for you. It would be lovely to have stories in other languages as well.

Mrs Lowe reads ‘The Last Wolf’




Mrs Northcott reads ‘Keith: The Cat With The Magic Hat’



Mrs Clayton reads ‘Freddie and the Fairy’ 



Mr Midwinter reads ‘Plunge into the Pirate Pool’



Miss Sly reads ‘Five Minutes’ Peace’



Mrs Baker reads ‘Itchy Bear’



Miss Briggs reads ‘Princess Smartypants’



Mrs C Dixon reads ‘Superworm’



Year 5 and 6 Teachers read ‘”Not me,” said the monkey’