Reception Blog- 20/10/16

We finished our funny bones topic by going on a skeleton hunt and eventually managed to find all the pieces of the skeleton and put him back together!

This week we have been learning about Diwali.  We have been learning about the Diwali story and what happened to Rama and Sita, we have enjoyed dressing up in Indian costumes, with lots of jewellery and listening to Indian music and even tasting Indian food! Yum!  We have started to make Diva lamps and have decorated our home corner with some beautiful Rangoli patterns.

We have continued to share our favourite stories with each other and even a model of Stonehenge!

This week we have been continuing to practice writing our names and improving our handwriting. The new sounds for this week have been B and L and then going back over all the sounds we have learnt.

Tomorrow is our first celebration assembly, so you are welcome to join us!

Hope you all have a great half term, rest well and we are looking forward to seeing you all back on Monday 31st October.

Early Years Blog- 20/10/16

Sorry we’re a little late blogging everyone! We have been very busy!

Last week we have been trying NEW things just like the twirlywoos!

We got very messy whilst exploring new textures such as the oublix and foam wash:

Hollie – 10/10/16 (am)

“it feels like chewing gum” Talking about the oblix

Mushira – 12/10/16 (am)

“my hands are like snowman” Exploring the foam.

Rosie– 10/10/16 (pm)

“it’s very slimy and it looks like rain when it falls off your hands” Enjoying the oblix lifting her hands up and down.

Bibby– 12/10/16 (pm)

“it’s squidgy”   “cold”

“It’s staying sticky”    “My hands are soft”

Talking about the foam and how it feels.

In P.E. we have been playing with the big parachute! We played the cat and mouse game and the colour game.

The cat and mouse game is where one child has to go under the parachute (mouse) and another child goes on top (cat) and the cat needs to try and catch the mouse whilst the other children shake the parachute to make waves to hide the mouse.

Harry 12/10/16 (am)

“quick quick she’s getting away! Ha ha ha”

Lots of giggling! Cheering on his friend!

Santiago 12/10/16 (pm)

“Oh No, It’s a shark coming”

Pretending there was a shark amongst the waves!

The colour game is where a grown-up will say a colour and if your holding that colour you need to walk under the parachute to switch places with another child before the parachute falls back down. It was very funny as some of us got lost underneath as we weren’t quick to get out.

Sarah 12/10/16 (am)

Sarah got stuck under the parachute and tried to get out through the little hole in the middle.

“Out Out”

It was very funny as you could only see the top of her head, hehe!

Last week we learnt a new nursery rhyme ‘one elephant went out to play upon a spider’s web one day’. We learnt this at circle time and we all join in to do a group activity using elephants and some of us got to hold the elephants and be part of the song.

We have been learning about spiders as well and we have been making our own spiders out of dough, googly eyes and sticks. As well as having spiders in the dough we have had a really fun board game on the table called ‘insey winsey spider’, most of the us have given the game ago and have done some lovely turn taking and fantastic counting with the dice.

Outside we have been drawing spider webs and spiders on the floor and on black sugar paper, riding the bikes and we have learnt to wait for our turn and to share with each other.

The afternoon children have had a very SPECIAL visit this week, Pudsey Bear came into our classroom to say hello.


This week we have been learning all about autumn… We have been on a wellie walk to search for autumn leaves, conkers and twigs, we have used these to make autumn pictures using leaves, sparkles and lentils. We also made some fantastic paintings using conkers by rolling them over paper (conker rolling), you can find some of them on our autumn display at the back of the classroom. We have just started our leave printing and hopefully some pictures will be up around the classroom soon.

In P.E we learnt a new song ‘autumn leaves are falling’ and re-told the story ‘we’re going on a leaf hunt’ by moving around the room acting out parts of the story.



A very big happy 4th birthday to:

Sophia.G – 12/10/16

Laney – 15/10/16

We also have some birthdays in the half term…

Ana- 22/10/16

Elsie-May – 23/10/16

Elizabeth (Bibby)- 29/10/16

We hope you all have a very happy birthday!


Thank you for reading

Reception Blog- 13/10/16

This week we have been looking at the Funny Bones Books and having all sorts of fun dancing like skeletons, thinking about our bones and what they do and how we can keep them strong!  We have even been making a funny bones street, “on a dark dark hill, there was a dark dark street……”

In PE we have been learning to catch, this may be an ongoing practice, so please feel free to practice at home!

We have been working hard in phonics, this week we have been looking at R, E, U, C and K and we have played games trying to find the letter that is missing from words, we did well!

We had a special visitor yesterday….. Pudsey Bear!  It has started us thinking about children in need, more information to follow.

I hope that you have all enjoyed sharing your favourite books, we have enjoyed all the different stories, thank you very much!

Could I make a plea that we only have water in our drinks bottles please, no fizzy drinks or squash.


Congratulations to Anne on completing the reading challenge!

Nursery Blog- 07/10/16

Welcome to St Erth’s first blog!

We have been very busy since coming back from the summer, all of the children have settled in nicely and are excited to learn and explore!

For the first couple of weeks the children have transformed our role play house into a party house as we have been learning all about parties. The children have decorated the house by themselves, hanging up the birthday banners, streamers, balloons, party plates and cups. The children have shown great determination blowing up the balloons all by themselves using the pumps.

We have also been looking at our own faces and we have drawn portrait pictures of ourselves. You can find them on our welcome wall in our construction area. We have also made yummy face biscuits and we have decorated them with icing, strawberry laces, white chocolate buttons, raisins and mini smarties.

This week we have been pretending just like Mr Tumble does! We have been doctors in the baby clinic, playing fire fighters with our fire trucks and hats, shop keepers and shoppers. We have also been doing lots of building in the construction area, building towers, houses, shops and castles with the big bricks.


We have celebrated lots of birthdays since being back from the summer…

Lilia- 01/09/16

Harry- 02/09/16

Mushira- 18/09/16


Addam- 26/09/16

Borys- 01/10/16

Sarah- 6/10/16


So a BIG Happy 4th Birthday to you all!

We can’t wait to continue our fun and learning and look forward to showing you all that we have been up to on our NEW blog!

Thank you

Reception Blog- 30/09/16

We have had a super week this week!  We have been engineers – making houses using straws and marshmallows, it was very hard to concentrate with the delicious sugary smell in the classroom!

On the theme of our story this week, we have been making pig faces with paper plates and creating houses with 2D shapes.

It was harvest festival on Thursday, so we have been practising our singing ready for the event, we all sang so beautifully!

We have also enjoyed science this week, learning what happens to the tissue when we blow on it!  Lots of giggles!


We have had some very clever people this week, Xavier has achieved his green belt in martial arts and Oscar proudly showed his certificate for the Reading challenge.

What super stars!

Sounds Learnt this week:

We have been learning the sounds, s/ a/ t/ p/ i/ n/ g, so please feel free to practice these sounds at home and even started to blend them with words such as :sat, tin, pin and tap

Enjoy your weekend!

Reception Blog- 22/09/16

This has been our first full week in school and wow what a week it has been!

We have visited our allotment and seen what has been growing over the summer, we saw potatoes, sweetcorn, raspberries, carrots and lots of onions and herbs that smelt so good!

We have been enjoying the Owl Babies story, making owl babies, painting owls and even retelling the story to our friends using puppets we made ourselves in our very own puppet theatre!

We went on a welly walk to look for sticks and leaves and any other things we think owls might use for their nests and have used our imagination to play with them and become owls.

Today we had PE and learnt about space and balancing, enjoying learning to skip and hop and exploring following instructions.

What a week, we will be tired out!

Reception Blog -15/09/16

Welcome to Even Swindon Reception Blog!

15th September 2016.

We have had a great time getting to know each other and making new friends.  We have had lots of fun discovering all the fun jobs we do in school and all the amazing toys we get to play with in school together.

We are looking forward to having full classes next week and all the exciting time we have ahead of us!

Reception Blog- 30/06/16

This week we have been looking at boats, we have been investigating floating and sinking and thinking about what materials would be good to use if we wanted to make a boat.  The children designed their own boat and then made it!  Once they were all complete we set sail to see if their designs were successful!

Reception Blog 23/06/16

Reception Blog – 23.06.16

Firstly we would like to say a big thank you to all the parents who were able to come along for the race for life last Friday, it was a great to see so many of you running with us for such an important cause!

We hope you enjoyed sports day on Tuesday, we had a full day of sports and again were so pleased to see so many friends and family coming to support us whilst we raced.

On Wednesday we had the annual “Henry Day Awards” which was a proud moment for all involved.

Today we have visited our very own art gallery, showing our artwork inspired by David Hockney.  You are invited to come and view your childs work and are welcome to purchase the finished frame piece if you wish.

Reception Blog- 16.06.16

We ended last week celebrating the Queens birthday, the weather was kind to us so we managed to get outside to have our treat of milkshake and cake!

This week we have continued the dinosaur theme, both inside the classroom and in the outside learning area.  We have turned our summer house into a dinosaur laboratory, where we have put on our goggles and been looking at dinosaur bones, measuring potions, weighing the dinosaurs and thinking about experiments!

In the classroom we have been looking at the story of Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs, we have been making buckets of our own out of different materials like stickle bricks and lego.  We have labelled dinosaurs and even been creating our very own dinosaurs!

Sports day is coming up next week, so we have been practicing hard, we look forward to seeing you there!