Year 1 Spring Forward Assembly 2019

Year 1 have shown all that they have learned in term 5 during their ‘Spring Forward’ assembly. They were ever so excited to talk about how plants grow and the life cycle of the chicks that had arrived in the classes. They sang beautifully and some children acted out the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. The children were very proud of their Jack and the Beanstalk stories and some of them read them aloud to share them with the parents.

Year 1 Wow Day 2019

Year 1 have really enjoyed their WOW Day! They have made lots of themed crafts and even performed their medieval dance to one another that they have been learning in PE lessons. The finished off the day by having some tasty foods for their medieval tea party.

Making fruit salads in Year 1

As part of our ‘Five a day’ topic, we have been reading the stories ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ and ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad’. In our classes, we made our very own fruit salad using some of our favourite fruits. We each washed and cut up the fruit. We then poured in the juice and mixed up the fruit. We even got to try some and it was delicious!

Liskeard Outdoor Learning – Year 1

Liskeard has enjoyed two sessions of outdoor learning where we have been exploring our school environment. We went around the school spotting different colours and textures. We have also worked in a group finding sticks to make a stick family and then retold the story of stickman.

Reading Stories in Year 1

Year 1 have been busy in English planning and writing their own African stories. After writing, editing and making them into a book, we were very proud of our hard work and so we went down to read them to year reception. Thank you reception for listening to us read our stories, we thoroughly enjoyed reading them to you.

Year 1 Spring Assembly

We have worked hard this term learning about plants and chicks. We also learned the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

We then performed all that we loved learning about in an assembly.

Year 1 did fantastically in their assembly and all your teachers are proud of the hard work you’ve done.