LEGO WeDo in Year 2

This week in Year 2, we all had a day on building polar explorer rovers out of lego. To begin with, we learnt about the polar explorers and the Halley VI Research station in Antartica. We then learnt why they might use robots to help them with their research. Then, using the Lego WeDo kits, we followed instructions on how to make the polar explorer rovers. Then, using their sensor and programming them using coding, we tested to see how far away it had to be from an object before it detected it and stopped. The children loved making and investigating with the robots and had such a fun day doing so.


This week the whole school have been taking part in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) week. Year 3 have been dissolving seashells using acid, Year 2 have been investigating and making rockets and Year 6 have been dissecting hearts! There are lots more activities to come.. watch this space!

Jungle Book Assembly – Year 2

Year 2 have worked really hard this term and showcased their learning through a fantastic assembly in the form of a play; they performed The Jungle Book. Whilst also seeing some great costumes, dances and heard some fantastic singing, they also gave us facts on the various animals and wildlife you might find in a jungle.