Nursery Blog 06/07/17

Nursery have been very busy these last couple of weeks…

Last week, all of the children took part in the race for life, and completed the course very well considering the blistering weather conditions. They all had great fun, and some of the children went round twice! All of the children received a wonderful medal each for taking part. As a whole the school we raised around £700.

Wednesday last week, we had our water fight which was very cooling! All the children had great fun. Not sure who had more fun, the pupils or the teachers? Thank you very much to Sophia’s  and Josh’s mum for bring in their paddling pool for us to use that day.

Last Friday that children had a surprise visit from a policeman and police lady. The children really enjoyed asking them questions and sitting in the police car (photos already on school website).

This week the morning children were lucky enough to go on their school trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park. We all really enjoyed our day, the children all behaved very well and liked seeing the different animals and going on the train.

We hope next week trip with the afternoon children will go just as well!

P.M. Trip- 4th July, 8:40-3:00. Nursery closed for morning children and children from afternoon class not going on the trip, on this day.


Dates for your diary-

Friday 30th June- whole school closed including nursery for TD day.

Monday 3rd July sports day. A.M- 10am. P.M- 1:30pm.

Tuesday 4th July P.M school trip to Cotswold.

Monday 17th July swap over day.

Tuesday 18th July- end of year class party (fancy dress).

Early Years Blog- 16/06/17

We have begun our new topic of ‘People that help us’ so our role play area has been transformed into a hospital for the children to look after their injured patients! We have also created a call centre where everyone has learned that when there is a fire or an emergency we should call 999. All the children have enjoyed dressing up as nurses, firefighters and policemen.

As well as playing inside as ‘people that help us’ the children have loved using the bikes outside and using them as fire engines, police cars and ambulances. They use them to rescue their friends from fires or when they have been hurt!

We even watched a video on a real fire in a building this week! And spoke about the ‘loud noise’ they could all hear. The children learned about a fire alarm and how that helps us to know when it is not safe. We saw the firefighters drive their fire engine and the flashing lights on top! The firefighters used their big hose to put the fire out with the water.

In the construction area we have been making buildings out of the blocks and using the emergency cars and trucks to drive to the tall towers. We also created road maps for the cars and trucks to follow!

In P.E all the children have been hard at work training for our big Race for Life event on the 19th of June! We have been practicing our jogging so we don’t get tired too quickly! Hopefully we can make it the whole way round!! We hope to see you all there.

Dates to remember:

  • Race for Life on the 19th of June.
  • Sports day on the 3rd of July – AM children 10am and PM children at 1:30pm
  • School trip- AM children 27th of June and PM children on the 4th of July.

Early Years Blog- 19/05/17

Welcome back to St Erth’s blog!

Just in case you have not seen her around, Mrs Wojciak had a beautiful baby boy in the half term called Edwards. Both are doing very well.

Since coming back from half term we have been learning about bugs and creepy crawlies! The first week were learning all about spiders, what they like to eat and how many legs they have. We even had a real spider sneak inside the classroom for a visit! Quickly, Mrs Curtis scooped him up in a glass and safely put it outside with all its friends.

The second week we were learning about snails. The children loved finding them around our school. We went on a snail hunt outside collecting snails and their empty shells. The children really enjoyed finding their trails and learning about their habitats.

Week three we looked at red and black spotted ladybirds. We found out that they have 6 legs and all insects have 6 legs. We also enjoyed counting the different amount of spots on a ladybird’s back. Did you know different ladybirds have different amount of spots on their back?

As well as finding out about bugs, Mrs Curtis has started up her Balance Ability group again. A different group of children this term have been given the opportunity to learn how to ride a balance bike. They have really enjoyed it. To show the improvement and balancing skills, the children even received certificates. We will select a different group after half term.

In P.E. we have been busy practicing for sports day, trying out different races which we might do on the day. All the children have been working really well in their teams, cheering each other on to win. The competitiveness is in the air, but all the children are still having lots of fun!

In phonics we have started to learn about rhyming and the children have really enjoyed making up their own funny rhyme to go with their names. They could continue this at home.

The role play area has been transformed into an exotic pet vet, the children have pretending to be either the vets or the animals going for help to feel better.

 On Thursday 18.05.17 the morning children was lucky enough to be invited to the road safety magic show! The children had a great time. The children learned about road safety mixed with fun magic. Good time had by all.


Dates for your dairies:

  • 5th of June -TD day
  • 19th of June -School race for life (children will be running around the school)
  • 3rd of July- Sports day.  Am children- 10 am and PM children -1.30 pm

Early Years Blog- 10/02/17

We are very sorry there has been no blog this term; however with it being such a short term we decided to put up one big blog at the end of term!

Well we have had an amazing couple of weeks in nursery there has been lots going on with so much learning and fun!

We have learnt all about Chinese New Year… At the begin of the week we read the story about why people celebrate Chinese New Year and learnt if we were born in the year of the Dragon or Snake.

We learnt that the people who celebrated Chinese New Year were given a red wallet with a coin inside of it, so we made our own. We decorated our wallets with Chinese writing, symbols and patterns and when we took them home, there was a special gold coin inside. We also made our very own Chinese lanterns using lots of glitter! Some of us helped make two dragon heads out of big cardboard boxes and red and yellow stripes of crepe paper.

For Chinese New Year week, we tried these snacks

  • Noodles with soy sauce
  • Vegetable spring rolls
  • Prawn crackers

We had lots of fun in P.E. during Chinese New Year week because we had to be Chinese dancers! First, we watched a video of some Chinese dancers and then we tried to copy their moves using different materials and the Chinese dragon heads we made.


The week of 30/02/17, we have been reading the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ which has been great fun! Many different activities going on, especially messy ones!

Outside has been a blast! We have had great fun retelling the bear hunt story using the builders’ trays jumping from tray to  tray, jumping in the grass, water, mud and flour making footprints and marks. We all got very messy!

We made some wonderful sensory pictures using grass, crepe paper, Styrofoam and glitter.

In P.E. we had a bear hunt obstacle course, using the apparatus; climbing, sliding and balancing. Everyone enjoyed trying different ways to move our bodies.

For snack, we had:

  • Bear face pancakes (bananas, blueberries, Scottish pancakes, cream)
  • Tagliatelle carbonara
  • Green Jelly

At the end of the week we got to watch the film Bear hunt we were so clever remembering the story and repeating the phrases.


The week of 06/02/17, we have been reading the story of ‘The Gruffalo’

We have made our very own Gruffalo monsters using shapes, drawing and cutting out our own shapes.

We made Gruffalo crumble using porridge oats.

Retold the story in the cardboard box story scene using the characters from the story.

Outside we had masks of the characters from the story so we could pretend to be them and act out the story.

In P.E. we had lots of giggles playing the Gruffalo game, We had to move in the ways of the characters in the story around the cones (mouse-run on tiptoes, fox-crawl along the floor, snake-slide on our tummies) and when an adult shouted Gruffalo you had to jump up and stand by a cone! It was very funny   and we were all full of giggles.

For snack we have had some yummy Gruffalo treats:

  • Roast fox sandwiches (ham)
  • A log pile house (pretzel sticks)
  • Turkey Gruffalos (dinosaurs) or vegetarian alternative

Finally we watched the movie of the Gruffalo.


The sounds we have been learning this term have been S,A,T,P and D.



We have some birthdays this term and in the break . We hope you all have a wonderful day and get everything you want! Happy birthday to…

Tallulah- 17/01/17

Hollie- 29/01/17

Bernie- 08/02/17

Sophie 11/02/17

Connor 12/02/17

Scarlett- 13/02/17

Happy 4th birthday to you all!

Another special birthday happening in the break, but this person is a little bit older than 4 is

Mrs Doyle- 14/02/17

Happy Birthday!


We hope everyone has a wonderful break and have lots of fun adventures! See you all when we are back on the 20/02/17!

Early Years Blog- 15/12/16

Wow! We have been very busy this week getting into the Christmas spirit!

On Monday we had some of our parents come in and watch our wonderful Christmas singing! All of the children sang beautifully and there are some videos below of the children singing their songs for the people who want to watch it all again or who may have missed it. A big thank you to the parents who came and joined in with our lovely singing J

On Tuesday we had a very fun day full of Christmas parties! We ate lots of Christmas food, played pass the parcel, went into the big hall to play music statues and we learnt a new game called ‘The Christmas Train’ All the children had lots of fun and tried really hard to win! Well done to all our winners!J

On Wednesday it was the morning children’s turn to go to Roves farm and we all had a fantastic time meeting Santa Claus, playing on the big play area, going down the very fast slide, making some lovely Arts and Crafts, all the children did a fabulous job in the nativity play, well done to our little Mary- Laney and our little Joseph- Russell! And to end our day we had fun meeting some of the animals having a cuddle with the rabbits and feeding the sheep and goats. Thank you to all the parents who came to the farm, we hope you all had a wonderful day and all the children slept well that night as I know all the teachers did J

On Thursday we had a very special visit come and see us Santa Claus! He came and gave us some wonderful presents. The morning children got a magical castle and the afternoon children got a happy land safari set! All the toys will be shared between all the children! Thank you very much to Santa for taking the time to come and see us!


We only had one birthday this week: –

Santiago- 13-12-16

We hope you had a wonderful 4th birthday!


Thank you to all the parents and children for bring in the delicious food and drinks for our Christmas parties!

We hope everyone has a Fantastic Christmas and all the children and grown-ups get everything they want from Father Christmas!

We will see you all in the New Year.

Please click here to download our videos of the day!

Early Years Blog- 09/12/16

We are very sorry there has been no blog for the last couple weeks, we have been very busy in St Erth class preparing for Christmas.

This week we have read the nativity story to get ourselves ready for the school trip to Roves Farm. We have loved role playing in Santa’s workshop, wrapping the presents, writing our Christmas lists for Santa and we have especially loved making Santa’s sleigh using the big cardboard boxes.

At the beginning of the week we had a very special treat, we got to go and watch the year 2 nativity play which was absolutely brilliant and we all really enjoyed it! Thank you for the invite year 2! J

Hollie- AM – 05/12/16

“My sister was Mary”

We have been very busy making all our Christmas arts and crafts! You are in for lots of surprises this year that you can treasure for years to come.

Even the grown-ups have been getting crafty… making a couple of little treats for us to bring home at the end of termJ

We even had a very special snack this week; we had a mini Christmas dinner: – a turkey sandwich, a pig in blanket and a gingerbread biscuit for pudding!


We want to say a big thank you to all the families from the afternoon session that came on our trip with us to Roves Farm. The children had an absolute blast meeting Santa Claus, doing some Christmas arts and crafts, playing on the big play area, going on the tractor ride, feeding and stroking the little farm animals and re-telling the story of the nativity. All the children did a wonderful job and really enjoyed it! Well done to our very own little Mary – Oliva.R and a little Joseph- Santiago. All the children were very brave when it came to touching/ being near the animals! We really hope all the parents enjoyed themselves as well! If you have any pictures of your children all dressed up or just enjoying the day, please feel free to send the photos over to us through our nursery email address ( or print them off for us to put in their learning journeys!

We are really looking forward to next week’s trip for the morning children! And we hope they have as much fun as the afternoon children did!

Dates for your diary

Afternoon children parents/ carers please remember nursery will be closed for your children on Wednesday the 14th of December due to the morning children being on the trip.

Don’t forget next Tuesday the 13th of December is our Christmas party day! Woohoo! If you haven’t already, please remember to sign your name up to bring in some party food and don’t forget to bring your party food in on Tuesday or before if you would like. If you would like feel free to dress your children up in Christmassy clothes to get in the festive spirt J

On Friday the 16th of December (the last day of term) is Christmas jumper day! The afternoon children will finish at 1.30pm on this day.


A very big happy 4th birthday to…



Ridhaan- 10-12-16

Rahi- 10-12-16

And we have another special birthday in St Erth class…

Miss Taylor- 10-12-16

Have a lovely Birthday!

Early Years Blog- 18/11/16

We ended our Nursery Rhyme week learning the nursery rhyme Two Little Dickie Birds. We made Dickie Bird pictures using feathers and colouring pencils they’re hanging around the classroom.

This week has been out of this world… We have been learning about space and ways we can get up to space. We started the week off by reading the story ‘Whatever Next’ if you don’t know the story it’s about a Baby Bear who makes a spaceship out of a cardboard box so he can go up to the moon, on the way to the moon he met a new friend Owl and they had a picnic on the moon. We have had lots of fun space activities to do.

The first activity we did was to think and plan how we could get up to the moon. Our morning friends were put into small groups and went outside with Mrs Wojciak to make how they would like to go to the moon, there was lots of lovely ideas of how we could travel to the moon.

Brooke AM-



Isaav AM-

“Magic Car”


Sophie AM-

“Hot Air Balloon”


Sarah AM-

“A rocket”

“Going to space”


Our Afternoon friends were put into small groups as well but they went outside with Miss Read to make a model of  how they would like to travel to the moon. Again there were some lovely ideas just like the morning children.


Ana PM-

“Hot air balloon”


Olivia and Tallulah PM-

Work together to make a “funny rocket”


Rahi Pm-

“Scooter Bike”


Bibby PM-

“Super Bike”


We used the Bricks, blocks and the junk modelling to create our ideas outside.

As well as learning all about space we were learning about shapes and what shapes we can see around our classroom and what shapes we can use to make our rockets.

We also used the lick and stick shapes to make our very own shape rockets.

This week in P.E. we did something different and something very exciting! We didn’t go to the hall we went on a wellie walk shape hunt! We received a very important letter from Baby Bear he had lost all of his shapes that he needed to make his rocket. So we had to be super detectives and use are good looking eyes to find all off the shapes. We walked all around the school onto to the field to find the shapes! We have some super detectives in our classroom! They were running around like ninjas finding the shapes for baby bear!

We received another letter from Baby Bear thanking us for all our hard work being detectives to find all his shapes! He can now build his rocket to take him back up to the moon!

Finally, we have decorated our Diwali Pots! And they will be coming home with us very soon!

To finish our week of we are wearing Pyjamas to school to raise money for children in need! We have had lots of Pudsey themed activities, Pudsey colouring, Bears in the water and we have been decorating our very own Pudsey Bear biscuits to take home!


A very big happy 4th birthday to…

Rahmat 16/11/16

We have also had another birthday this week but it wasn’t a child’s it was Mrs Curtis’ 14/11/16.

So a big happy birthday to you as well Mrs Curtis!

We hope you both had wonderful days!


Thank you to everyone who has been reading our blog! We really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read it! We have been informed that we have gone international! We have family members reading our blog in Wales! So please remember to tell your family members all about our blog to so they can see what their grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins etc… are up to in nursery! Thank you again and we really hope your enjoying finding out what we’re are up to! J

Just a little reminder that Nursery will be closed next Friday 25/11/16 as it’s a TD day!