We hope you all have had a lovely half term and enjoyed your break away!

This week we have been learning all about Diwali!

Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights.

To celebrate we have made our own diva pots out of clay (diva pots are to hold candles in them)which we will be decorating once dry and then the children will bring them home for you to enjoyJ. We also decorated rangoli patterns inside using coloured rice and paint and made our own rangoli patterns outside on the floor using chalk and 2D shapes.

You can find some of our rangoli patterns on display in our classroom.

Outside we have used string to follow the painted rangoli patterns in the big builder’s tray.

We have transformed our home corner into a Dark Den! We have to use torches to find our way through the cave!

We also have all been superstars and have tried some Indian food; we have tried curry sauce, naan bread and samosas! We always encourage the children to try new things at snack time.

Henesa(AM) 03-11-16

Telling the story of Diwali-

“the monster carried the princess away then the monkey helped her to fly and she had magic powers then they all had a fight”

One of our focuses this week was to use scissors to cut some lines and pictures out. Most of the children have had a really good try and have been amazing at it!
In P.E. this week we have learnt a new song all about Diwali, and we had to move around in a big circle acting out the actions in the song.

We have also made some lovely pictures using shapes.

Olivia.R. (PM) 03-11-16

“look I made a funny bird”

Sophia B.K. (PM) 03-11-16

“I used two circles, a square and triangles to make a penguin!”


A very big happy 4th birthday: –

Tiera- 31/10/16

Rosie- 01/11/16

Isabella- 02/11/16

We hope you all had a wonderful birthday!


Thank you for reading and we’re really looking forward to seeing some of our parents in next week for nursery rhyme weekJ