We are very sorry there has been no blog for the last couple weeks, we have been very busy in St Erth class preparing for Christmas.

This week we have read the nativity story to get ourselves ready for the school trip to Roves Farm. We have loved role playing in Santa’s workshop, wrapping the presents, writing our Christmas lists for Santa and we have especially loved making Santa’s sleigh using the big cardboard boxes.

At the beginning of the week we had a very special treat, we got to go and watch the year 2 nativity play which was absolutely brilliant and we all really enjoyed it! Thank you for the invite year 2! J

Hollie- AM – 05/12/16

“My sister was Mary”

We have been very busy making all our Christmas arts and crafts! You are in for lots of surprises this year that you can treasure for years to come.

Even the grown-ups have been getting crafty… making a couple of little treats for us to bring home at the end of termJ

We even had a very special snack this week; we had a mini Christmas dinner: – a turkey sandwich, a pig in blanket and a gingerbread biscuit for pudding!


We want to say a big thank you to all the families from the afternoon session that came on our trip with us to Roves Farm. The children had an absolute blast meeting Santa Claus, doing some Christmas arts and crafts, playing on the big play area, going on the tractor ride, feeding and stroking the little farm animals and re-telling the story of the nativity. All the children did a wonderful job and really enjoyed it! Well done to our very own little Mary – Oliva.R and a little Joseph- Santiago. All the children were very brave when it came to touching/ being near the animals! We really hope all the parents enjoyed themselves as well! If you have any pictures of your children all dressed up or just enjoying the day, please feel free to send the photos over to us through our nursery email address (nursery@evenswindon.co.uk) or print them off for us to put in their learning journeys!

We are really looking forward to next week’s trip for the morning children! And we hope they have as much fun as the afternoon children did!

Dates for your diary

Afternoon children parents/ carers please remember nursery will be closed for your children on Wednesday the 14th of December due to the morning children being on the trip.

Don’t forget next Tuesday the 13th of December is our Christmas party day! Woohoo! If you haven’t already, please remember to sign your name up to bring in some party food and don’t forget to bring your party food in on Tuesday or before if you would like. If you would like feel free to dress your children up in Christmassy clothes to get in the festive spirt J

On Friday the 16th of December (the last day of term) is Christmas jumper day! The afternoon children will finish at 1.30pm on this day.


A very big happy 4th birthday to…



Ridhaan- 10-12-16

Rahi- 10-12-16

And we have another special birthday in St Erth class…

Miss Taylor- 10-12-16

Have a lovely Birthday!