We are very sorry there has been no blog this term; however with it being such a short term we decided to put up one big blog at the end of term!

Well we have had an amazing couple of weeks in nursery there has been lots going on with so much learning and fun!

We have learnt all about Chinese New Year… At the begin of the week we read the story about why people celebrate Chinese New Year and learnt if we were born in the year of the Dragon or Snake.

We learnt that the people who celebrated Chinese New Year were given a red wallet with a coin inside of it, so we made our own. We decorated our wallets with Chinese writing, symbols and patterns and when we took them home, there was a special gold coin inside. We also made our very own Chinese lanterns using lots of glitter! Some of us helped make two dragon heads out of big cardboard boxes and red and yellow stripes of crepe paper.

For Chinese New Year week, we tried these snacks

  • Noodles with soy sauce
  • Vegetable spring rolls
  • Prawn crackers

We had lots of fun in P.E. during Chinese New Year week because we had to be Chinese dancers! First, we watched a video of some Chinese dancers and then we tried to copy their moves using different materials and the Chinese dragon heads we made.


The week of 30/02/17, we have been reading the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ which has been great fun! Many different activities going on, especially messy ones!

Outside has been a blast! We have had great fun retelling the bear hunt story using the builders’ trays jumping from tray to  tray, jumping in the grass, water, mud and flour making footprints and marks. We all got very messy!

We made some wonderful sensory pictures using grass, crepe paper, Styrofoam and glitter.

In P.E. we had a bear hunt obstacle course, using the apparatus; climbing, sliding and balancing. Everyone enjoyed trying different ways to move our bodies.

For snack, we had:

  • Bear face pancakes (bananas, blueberries, Scottish pancakes, cream)
  • Tagliatelle carbonara
  • Green Jelly

At the end of the week we got to watch the film Bear hunt we were so clever remembering the story and repeating the phrases.


The week of 06/02/17, we have been reading the story of ‘The Gruffalo’

We have made our very own Gruffalo monsters using shapes, drawing and cutting out our own shapes.

We made Gruffalo crumble using porridge oats.

Retold the story in the cardboard box story scene using the characters from the story.

Outside we had masks of the characters from the story so we could pretend to be them and act out the story.

In P.E. we had lots of giggles playing the Gruffalo game, We had to move in the ways of the characters in the story around the cones (mouse-run on tiptoes, fox-crawl along the floor, snake-slide on our tummies) and when an adult shouted Gruffalo you had to jump up and stand by a cone! It was very funny   and we were all full of giggles.

For snack we have had some yummy Gruffalo treats:

  • Roast fox sandwiches (ham)
  • A log pile house (pretzel sticks)
  • Turkey Gruffalos (dinosaurs) or vegetarian alternative

Finally we watched the movie of the Gruffalo.


The sounds we have been learning this term have been S,A,T,P and D.



We have some birthdays this term and in the break . We hope you all have a wonderful day and get everything you want! Happy birthday to…

Tallulah- 17/01/17

Hollie- 29/01/17

Bernie- 08/02/17

Sophie 11/02/17

Connor 12/02/17

Scarlett- 13/02/17

Happy 4th birthday to you all!

Another special birthday happening in the break, but this person is a little bit older than 4 is

Mrs Doyle- 14/02/17

Happy Birthday!


We hope everyone has a wonderful break and have lots of fun adventures! See you all when we are back on the 20/02/17!