At the end of last week on Friday we finished off our learning Diwali by dancing to Indian music in the big hall and using the instruments to make our own Indian music.

On Monday we had lots of fun sharing our stories of which fireworks we saw on Saturday for bonfire night.

We did lots of firework activates, we made our own firework pictures using sparkly paint and sponges, we rolled out white paint all over the table and then we made our marks using cotton buds to make our very own firework patterns.

Outside we had lots of fun splattering paint and sponge painting (we got very messy!).

For snack we made sparklers to eat… they were made out of breadsticks, icing and sprinkles!

This week has been Nursery Rhyme Week.

We have been doing a different nursery rhyme everyday: –

Tuesday- Doctor Foster

We made our very own rain makers out of two plastic cups, pasta and rice, we made puddle hats, coloured in pictures of Doctor Foster and experimented with different materials to make umbrellas and then poured water on them to see if our umbrellas kept our bears dry. On the carpet we decorated a big umbrella with different colours and materials.

Outside we had puddle jumping and painting, the ribbons and pompoms and foam paint.

For snack we had double Gloucester cheese and crackers because Doctor Foster went to Gloucester.

Wednesday- Baa Baa Black Sheep

We made our own Baa Baa Black Sheep by sticking cotton wool on to a picture of a sheep and painted it black. We had a big black sheep on the carpet and decorated with different white material. We coloured in pictures of the Baa Baa Black Sheep rhyme. We also continued making our own instruments, we made guitars out of junk boxes and rubber bands.

In P.E. we had the parachute out, we played lots of different games with it like the: – cat and mouse game, the stormy weather story, we made a tent with the parachute by all of us going under the parachute and sitting on the edge, we played a game called fruit salad which was a little tricky but it was very funny, all of us had our own fruit name either an apple, banana, pear or plum and when Mrs Wojciak called our fruit we had to go under the parachute!

Thursday- Incy Wincy Spider

We got to make yummy spider biscuits for snack using icing, strawberry laces, raisins and smarties.

Also we had fun making spider hats, colouring the incy wincy spider pictures, sparkly string spider web pictures and in the construction area there was a large pieces of string for us to make our own large spider webs.

As well as having lots of fun during nursery rhyme week we have had some special visitors in… Our mummies and daddies!! They looked like they had lots of fun helping us learn and play!

Mrs Wojciak, Mrs Curtis, Miss Read and Miss Taylor want to say a big thank you to all the parents that came and joined in with our stay and plays this week! It was lovely to see so many of you in and we hope you enjoyed yourself and liked seeing what your children get up to when you’re not around. When we have another stay and play in the future we hope to see you all in again and hope we haven’t scared any of you away hehe J Thank you again we know the children had so much fun having you in too!


A very big happy 4th birthday to…

Emma 09/11/16

Benjamin 11/11/16


Thank you for reading and again thank you to so many parents joining in with the stay and play sessionsJ