Happy New Year!

Welcome back, we hope you all had a wonderful break!

We have had a great 1st week and half back! Our topic this term is all about bears, starting off with some winter bear stories.

On Thursday the 5th of January we went on a winter wellie walk to see if we can find any frost, ice or snow outside. We noticed that most of the outside equipment was covered in frost and ice. We then walked around to the field which looked like a big ice rink! It was covered in frost too, when we walked along the field we could feel/ hear the grass crunch because of our feet, we also left footprints in the grass for other children to follow.

Billie- 05/01/17 AM

“I can hear the floor sounds like a cookies crunching”

William- 05/01/17 AM

“It’s melting because of the sun”

When we got back from our winter walk we did an experiment, we filled 3 different contains up with water and put them outside over night to see what would happen, On Friday we collected the contains and we found out that the water inside had turned to ice because it was so cold outside overnight.

This week we have been making some magical winter pictures to go up around our classroom. We all had to use a thinking heads to try and remember what we saw when we went on our wellie walk to make our wintery pictures.

We have done some new activities this week that we haven’t done before in nursery the first one was called ‘squiggle whilst you wiggle’ we have to dance along to music moving our arms and bodies and then on big pieces of paper we had to recreate the moves we made in our drawings.

We also used something called Brusho which makes our invisible pictures appear like magic! We use a white crayon on some white paper and then we brush the Brusho over the paper and watch our picture appear on the page.

Our role play area has been transformed into a hairdresser’s/ beauty parlour. You can make an appointment to have your hair cut, coloured, washed, get your nails done or have you make up done for you. All the grown-ups love it! They all had the privilege to get the hair done by some of our top stylists! We have had lots of fun and really enjoyed playing in the hairdressers.

Our story this week has been ‘Snow bears surprise’ and we have transformed our sensory area into the polar bears cave in the story!

This week we have been learning all about positional language (behind, in front, on top etc..) all the children have been working really hard at trying to remember and have had fun doing the igloo game with the bears.

We have had some really big treats for snack today!

Monday- Meringue caves with cream and berries

Tuesday- Tomato soup

Wednesday- Fruit

Thursday- Nibbles

Friday- Fruit


We have had some birthdays over the Christmas break!

We hope you all had a lovely birthday and got what you wanted

Happy birthday to…

Olivia. B- 21/12/16

Stephanie- 26/12/16

Spencer- 31/12/16

Anish- 08/01/17

Beamount- 10/01/17

Happy 4th birthday