We have begun our new topic of ‘People that help us’ so our role play area has been transformed into a hospital for the children to look after their injured patients! We have also created a call centre where everyone has learned that when there is a fire or an emergency we should call 999. All the children have enjoyed dressing up as nurses, firefighters and policemen.

As well as playing inside as ‘people that help us’ the children have loved using the bikes outside and using them as fire engines, police cars and ambulances. They use them to rescue their friends from fires or when they have been hurt!

We even watched a video on a real fire in a building this week! And spoke about the ‘loud noise’ they could all hear. The children learned about a fire alarm and how that helps us to know when it is not safe. We saw the firefighters drive their fire engine and the flashing lights on top! The firefighters used their big hose to put the fire out with the water.

In the construction area we have been making buildings out of the blocks and using the emergency cars and trucks to drive to the tall towers. We also created road maps for the cars and trucks to follow!

In P.E all the children have been hard at work training for our big Race for Life event on the 19th of June! We have been practicing our jogging so we don’t get tired too quickly! Hopefully we can make it the whole way round!! We hope to see you all there.

Dates to remember:

  • Race for Life on the 19th of June.
  • Sports day on the 3rd of July – AM children 10am and PM children at 1:30pm
  • School trip- AM children 27th of June and PM children on the 4th of July.