We ended our Nursery Rhyme week learning the nursery rhyme Two Little Dickie Birds. We made Dickie Bird pictures using feathers and colouring pencils they’re hanging around the classroom.

This week has been out of this world… We have been learning about space and ways we can get up to space. We started the week off by reading the story ‘Whatever Next’ if you don’t know the story it’s about a Baby Bear who makes a spaceship out of a cardboard box so he can go up to the moon, on the way to the moon he met a new friend Owl and they had a picnic on the moon. We have had lots of fun space activities to do.

The first activity we did was to think and plan how we could get up to the moon. Our morning friends were put into small groups and went outside with Mrs Wojciak to make how they would like to go to the moon, there was lots of lovely ideas of how we could travel to the moon.

Brooke AM-



Isaav AM-

“Magic Car”


Sophie AM-

“Hot Air Balloon”


Sarah AM-

“A rocket”

“Going to space”


Our Afternoon friends were put into small groups as well but they went outside with Miss Read to make a model of  how they would like to travel to the moon. Again there were some lovely ideas just like the morning children.


Ana PM-

“Hot air balloon”


Olivia and Tallulah PM-

Work together to make a “funny rocket”


Rahi Pm-

“Scooter Bike”


Bibby PM-

“Super Bike”


We used the Bricks, blocks and the junk modelling to create our ideas outside.

As well as learning all about space we were learning about shapes and what shapes we can see around our classroom and what shapes we can use to make our rockets.

We also used the lick and stick shapes to make our very own shape rockets.

This week in P.E. we did something different and something very exciting! We didn’t go to the hall we went on a wellie walk shape hunt! We received a very important letter from Baby Bear he had lost all of his shapes that he needed to make his rocket. So we had to be super detectives and use are good looking eyes to find all off the shapes. We walked all around the school onto to the field to find the shapes! We have some super detectives in our classroom! They were running around like ninjas finding the shapes for baby bear!

We received another letter from Baby Bear thanking us for all our hard work being detectives to find all his shapes! He can now build his rocket to take him back up to the moon!

Finally, we have decorated our Diwali Pots! And they will be coming home with us very soon!

To finish our week of we are wearing Pyjamas to school to raise money for children in need! We have had lots of Pudsey themed activities, Pudsey colouring, Bears in the water and we have been decorating our very own Pudsey Bear biscuits to take home!


A very big happy 4th birthday to…

Rahmat 16/11/16

We have also had another birthday this week but it wasn’t a child’s it was Mrs Curtis’ 14/11/16.

So a big happy birthday to you as well Mrs Curtis!

We hope you both had wonderful days!


Thank you to everyone who has been reading our blog! We really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read it! We have been informed that we have gone international! We have family members reading our blog in Wales! So please remember to tell your family members all about our blog to so they can see what their grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins etc… are up to in nursery! Thank you again and we really hope your enjoying finding out what we’re are up to! J

Just a little reminder that Nursery will be closed next Friday 25/11/16 as it’s a TD day!