Welcome back to St Erth’s blog!

Just in case you have not seen her around, Mrs Wojciak had a beautiful baby boy in the half term called Edwards. Both are doing very well.

Since coming back from half term we have been learning about bugs and creepy crawlies! The first week were learning all about spiders, what they like to eat and how many legs they have. We even had a real spider sneak inside the classroom for a visit! Quickly, Mrs Curtis scooped him up in a glass and safely put it outside with all its friends.

The second week we were learning about snails. The children loved finding them around our school. We went on a snail hunt outside collecting snails and their empty shells. The children really enjoyed finding their trails and learning about their habitats.

Week three we looked at red and black spotted ladybirds. We found out that they have 6 legs and all insects have 6 legs. We also enjoyed counting the different amount of spots on a ladybird’s back. Did you know different ladybirds have different amount of spots on their back?

As well as finding out about bugs, Mrs Curtis has started up her Balance Ability group again. A different group of children this term have been given the opportunity to learn how to ride a balance bike. They have really enjoyed it. To show the improvement and balancing skills, the children even received certificates. We will select a different group after half term.

In P.E. we have been busy practicing for sports day, trying out different races which we might do on the day. All the children have been working really well in their teams, cheering each other on to win. The competitiveness is in the air, but all the children are still having lots of fun!

In phonics we have started to learn about rhyming and the children have really enjoyed making up their own funny rhyme to go with their names. They could continue this at home.

The role play area has been transformed into an exotic pet vet, the children have pretending to be either the vets or the animals going for help to feel better.

 On Thursday 18.05.17 the morning children was lucky enough to be invited to the road safety magic show! The children had a great time. The children learned about road safety mixed with fun magic. Good time had by all.


Dates for your dairies:

  • 5th of June -TD day
  • 19th of June -School race for life (children will be running around the school)
  • 3rd of July- Sports day.  Am children- 10 am and PM children -1.30 pm