At Even Swindon Primary School, we are geographers.

We believe that a well-rounded Geography curriculum will inspire our pupils to enquire about the world around them, develop a strong understanding of their impact on sustaining the natural environment and appreciate the world and the people who live in it.

We would like our Geography curriculum to provide our children with the knowledge and skills they need to become independent explorers. We want our pupils to achieve a sense of belonging, starting with the exploration in their home, school, local environments and further reaching their wider locality in the world.

We strive to inspire our pupils to be resilient, independent and confident geographers, who can draw upon their broader geographical knowledge and skills to help them achieve in other subjects across the curriculum.



We believe high quality learning in Geography has been achieved when pupils can appreciate the beauty of the world around them, express themselves and share their observations about their immediate environment, recognise change over time in the local area and how it has impacted our school, community, local area, town, county, region, country and world.

This will be evident through the engagement of pupils in learning Geography, displays of the work that children were involved in, pupil voice, talking enthusiastically, and independent and confident application of skills.

The impact of our Geography curriculum will be overseen by the subject leaders through learning walks, team teaching, book looks and pupil voice, planning feedback and ongoing data analysis.