I came into the school to sit in on the Safeguarding and Child Protection Quality and Assurance visit, which was carried out by an Independent Safeguarding Consultant.
We started the visit with a tour of the school looking to ensure that all the policies and procedures that the governors have adopted were being used properly and that all children in the school were safe and secure.
With the tour completed, we then worked through a 20-page document that detailed all of legislation and best practice guidelines that the school has to follow. I was really pleased that Mrs Lowe and her team are clearly on top of things and they had all the paperwork to hand to provide evidence that they met each of the requirements.
The outcome of the audit was that the school meet all of the government and local authority standards in terms of safeguarding and child protection, the staff and volunteers in the school are properly recruited and trained, children have an understanding of safeguarding issues and the school deals effectively with any child protection issues that arise.
There were a few recommendations for the school to improve their performance, mainly ideas from other schools where they have tried new ways to get safeguarding messages across to visitors and staff.
I was really pleased to see how much time and effort is put into safeguarding and child protection, and how well the records are kept. It is clear that Mrs Lowe and her team work extremely hard to protect the pupils, and parents can be very confident that their child is safe at Even Swindon.