Welcome to St Erth’s first blog!

We have been very busy since coming back from the summer, all of the children have settled in nicely and are excited to learn and explore!

For the first couple of weeks the children have transformed our role play house into a party house as we have been learning all about parties. The children have decorated the house by themselves, hanging up the birthday banners, streamers, balloons, party plates and cups. The children have shown great determination blowing up the balloons all by themselves using the pumps.

We have also been looking at our own faces and we have drawn portrait pictures of ourselves. You can find them on our welcome wall in our construction area. We have also made yummy face biscuits and we have decorated them with icing, strawberry laces, white chocolate buttons, raisins and mini smarties.

This week we have been pretending just like Mr Tumble does! We have been doctors in the baby clinic, playing fire fighters with our fire trucks and hats, shop keepers and shoppers. We have also been doing lots of building in the construction area, building towers, houses, shops and castles with the big bricks.


We have celebrated lots of birthdays since being back from the summer…

Lilia- 01/09/16

Harry- 02/09/16

Mushira- 18/09/16


Addam- 26/09/16

Borys- 01/10/16

Sarah- 6/10/16


So a BIG Happy 4th Birthday to you all!

We can’t wait to continue our fun and learning and look forward to showing you all that we have been up to on our NEW blog!

Thank you