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At Even Swindon Primary School we have purpose-built facilities and early year practitioners who cater for the needs of early years pupils. This includes all of the early years which is split into different parts, Early Years and Nursery.

We work hard to set high standards for all in terms of both academic and emotional aspects of learning. We want all children to succeed and achieve their potential in a happy and caring environment. We encourage the children to feel part of our “school family” in which everyone is important, special and valued.

We believe that education is a team effort and we feel that your involvement in this process is essential. You will always be welcome into school to share all aspects of your child’s development and we encourage you to come into school and work with us if you have time to spare. Parental support plays such an important role in your child’s education. Childhood is a very special time. You have our commitment to ensure that we will make these school years as rewarding as possible by providing a curriculum which is fun, engaging and full of memorable experiences.

For further information, please refer to our Early Years Prospectus as the bottom of this page.

Nursery and Reception


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For further information on Nursery, and to book a place, please contact or call the school office on: 01793 523041

For admissions for Reception, please refer to our Admissions page.

Early Years Prospectus


Early Years Prospectus 2020-2021