Online Safety

We know that our parents at Even Swindon have done everything they can to ensure there is a balance in learning for their children and we thank you for that. However, we are still very much there to support you and your children with online safety support and advice. We use Facebook and Twitter to share the most up to date advice, and Instagram for some user-friendly videos on how to set up games with the right parental locks on. We host various ‘parent only’ workshops throughout the year. This will be a parent only session, due to the content and subject matter. In the meantime, if you have any questions linked to online safety, email

Online Safety Policy

Where to get more information:


UK Safer Internet Centre


This link will take you to the UK Safer Internet Centre’s ‘Parent Guide to Technology’ page. This gives invaluable advice on a wide range of up to date technology.


Safeguarding Training Centre

This link will take you to The Key’s Parent resource hub, a hub for online safety resources for parents. The resource hub includes interactive guides for setting parental controls for social media sites, online games, and more.


Get Safe Online

Info on a little bit of everything including personal use and business


Common sense media

Reviews apps, games, books and films to help parents understand the positive and negative aspects and appropriateness for their child


Safety Centre

App, website and game guides on setting up security, privacy and how to report and block



Articles and advice on a variety of topics to address with children


O2 helpline

In conjunction with the NSPCC, a helpline for any of your online safety questions or concerns

0808 800 5000


Internet Matters

Good advice by age guides


Help to set up parental controls



Although we would advise parents and carers of primary age children not to allow them to have a Facebook account the reality is that many younger children will have an account. We would encourage you to help them make their page safe and to have your own page so you can be ‘friends’ with your child. The Facebook link will take you to Facebook’s own safety advice page.


The Think U Know website has sections for children and adults and contains a lot of useful advice and help. Our pupil page has a link to it as well as we encourage our pupils to visit it and make use of it.

Fortnite Parents Guide

Instagram Parents Guide

Roblox Parents Guide

Screen Addiction Parents Guide

TikTok Parents Guide

Twitch Parents Guide

Whatsapp Parents Guide