School Uniform

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We have a uniform to provide a practical and smart appearance for all the children. Some choice of clothing and colours is possible to provide versatility.




Shirts/Blouses/Polo Shirts White or navy, long or short sleeves
Sweatshirts/cardigans Navy
Trousers/Skirts Grey, black Skirts should be knee-length
Shoes Black, sensible flat heeled Trainers should not be worn. If boots are worn, children will need to change into shoes whilst in school.
Summer Dresses Blue/white, striped or checked
Shorts Grey, black, smart For hot weather
PE Kit Shorts – Black or Navy

T-Shirt – House Colours

Tracksuit top or school jumper – Navy

Plimsolls or trainers

PE Kit should be kept at school all week, as lesson days can be changed due to weather or availability of facilities.

All P.E kit and footwear must be a change of clothes (i.e. not day wear) for hygiene reasons.

Hair Long hair should be tied back at all times

Only natural hair colours permitted

Long hair needs to be tied back
for health and safety reasons
Jewellery Only stud earrings are allowed if children have pierced ears. For safety and security reasons, no jewellery should be worn at school.

Only studs are allowed as hoops can pose a safety risk.