This week we have been looking at the Funny Bones Books and having all sorts of fun dancing like skeletons, thinking about our bones and what they do and how we can keep them strong!  We have even been making a funny bones street, “on a dark dark hill, there was a dark dark street……”

In PE we have been learning to catch, this may be an ongoing practice, so please feel free to practice at home!

We have been working hard in phonics, this week we have been looking at R, E, U, C and K and we have played games trying to find the letter that is missing from words, we did well!

We had a special visitor yesterday….. Pudsey Bear!  It has started us thinking about children in need, more information to follow.

I hope that you have all enjoyed sharing your favourite books, we have enjoyed all the different stories, thank you very much!

Could I make a plea that we only have water in our drinks bottles please, no fizzy drinks or squash.


Congratulations to Anne on completing the reading challenge!