Wow, what an exciting time we have had this week!

It has been arts week in school , so we have been lucky enough to have drama lessons in class, courtesy of Prime Youth Theatre, from The Wyvern.  They run a youth group for children and young people from 5-25 years.  If your child enjoyed it, you can book a free taster session, please email

We also had the pleasure of Swindon Dance coming in to teach each year group a dance based on a different country.  The inspiration for reception is India, so we have been learning a dance called a Mudra , which is a story being told using hand movements.  We have been practising really hard anywhere we can, in class, in our PE lessons and even in the playground at lunch and break times!  The rest of the school will be amazed when we perform it to them on Friday.

We have been continuing with the book The Queens Knickers and have been designing Knickers that we think the Queen might like; we also wrote to the Queen to let her know that we had her knickers and if she would like to come and collect them, we would hold an afternoon tea party – and she ACCEPETED our invitation!   Well what excitement, we had to make sandwiches, make cakes and write menus.  We were very busy.  True to her word the Queen arrived yesterday afternoon, Amazing!  She really enjoyed our cake and sandwiches and we even presented her with a special safe to keep her knickers in in future. We all remembered to call her Mam (rhyming with ham) and she even offered Mrs Husband a job in her palace!

Our book focus for next week will be The Queens Hat by Steve Antony.