Year 5 had their Titanic Wow day on Wednesday 5th December. The day started with a parent assembly. The children then used pastels to create silhouette pictures of the Titanic against either an early morning or an evening sky. The afternoon was spent making plum cake & custard, which was a dish served in second-class. We also watched the film ‘A Night to Remember’. Here’s what some of the children had to say about the day:

‘It was a really great day and I enjoyed it. The best bit was watching ‘A Night to Remember’ because it was a very interesting film.’ Sara

‘Titanic has been the best topic so far because it has been the most interesting. I enjoyed the cooking (plum cake and custard). It tastednice.’ Litton

‘I enjoyed crafting some awesome models, including our awesome pictures of the Titanic. They were all awesome. Our assembly was great because it gave lots of information about the Titanic to the parents.’ Jake

‘I have enjoyed having this extraordinary journey learning about the Titanic. We have been crafting, watching a movie and cooking. Our shoebox cabin was very luxurious. We made two separate beds and a porthole window.’ Nazeefa