This term we have been working about Vikings and Viking longboats. We learnt that each longboat took at least two years to build. I have enjoyed building a longboat and I found out that the Vikings believed that dragons were true, so they put dragon heads in front of the boats so the dragons could protect them from being killed by scaring people when they saw the boat coming.

Also, the way the longboats were built, they could turn around quickly to defend the boat from enemies.


This term we have been learning about Vikings and Viking times. What I have enjoyed this term is learning about our topic in general because I really like the Vikings and when I heard what we were learning about this term I was really excited. One of the facts I was shocked about was that Vikings didn’t actually have horns on their helmets. Another fact I found surprising is that Viking longboats took 1-2 years each to build. The story that we have been reading in English was the first ‘How to Train Your Dragon’.


This term we have been learning about Vikings. I enjoyed doing the dragon eye art because I really enjoyed using all the different material. The materials I used for printing were pasta, pom poms and buttons. The colours I used were purple, gold, yellow, green, silver and pink.