Even Swindon has been working towards renewing our award for The Best Practice with Teaching Assistants (BPTAA), an exciting national award that the school are proud to announce we have now achieved!
It provides a practical resource to support school improvement through best practice in leading the management and support of teaching assistants.
The core purposes that underpin the BPTAA are:

* To recognise and celebrate the invaluable, increasingly complex role of teaching assistants in supporting the teaching and learning and pastoral care of pupils.

* To evaluate, monitor and support the leadership, management and work of teaching assistants in order to maximise pupil attainment, achievement and well-being of pupils.

Recent research suggests that the potential of teaching assistants to improve achievement and attainment of pupils is only fully unlocked through strategic management of their work. Through completing this award, our school seeks to ensure that every member of the school community feels valued, safe and secure, and every member can achieve their potential in all areas of school life.
I hope you will join me in congratulating our Teaching Assistants on achieving this award and thank them for all their hard work. We couldn’t do it without them!