Term 4 Summary:

What a busy and exciting term we have had in Reception!

Our enquiry question for this term, ‘What did the submarine see under the sea?’, inspired us to look at different kinds of boats, look at materials that make best floating boats and explore the world under the sea surface.

We sailed the seas with the Snail and the Whale. We learnt new vocabulary and looked at maps closely. This helped us to understand what maps are and how we use them in every day life. Map fascination greatly influenced our child-initiated play – we were sailors on pirate ships, looking for pirate treasure marked on maps with a mighty ‘X’!  Treasure chests and coins collected by pirates created a great opportunity for us to practice and apply our grouping, sorting and size ordering skills as well as counting, adding more and comparing quantities between the sets. It was our favourite role play this term.

Maths this term focused on our subitising skills – we were practising to apply our counting skills in problem solving: recognising when one quantity is greater than, less than or the same as the other quantity. Easter brought colour and pattern into our maths learning. We used our knowledge of repeating patterns to continue more complicated sequences of colour and shape and we even created our own repeating patterns. It was great fun!

Literacy brought new texts for us to look at and exciting opportunities to explore and learn new vocabulary that we used in our writing. First, we wrote postcards from our adventure with the Snail and the Whale. Then we swam to the bottom of the sea with the Rainbow Fish to find the truth about friendship. Our writing experiences combined our phonics knowledge and skills, comprehension as well as letter formation skills. We continue to grow into confident and proud writers!

Science week opened doors in the whole of our EYFS. We were exploring different scientific activities, experiments and games through our senses. These positive experiences led us to use trying, testing, evaluating and testing again processes that we are so good at in Reception.

Run up to Easter created an exciting buzz within our classes. We made Easter cards for our loved ones at home; we went for an Ester Egg hunt to find that Easter Bunny; we made Easter bonnets to lighten up our Easter lunch and we had a Good to Be Green movie morning with popcorn to snack on. What a way to end Term 4!

A big ‘thank you’ to all who supported our Reception children this term, we could not have done it without you 😊.

PE days

Redruth, St. Austell and Truro classes will all have PE on a Friday.

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