Year 2

Term 1 summary:

Welcome to Year 2! Term 1 has been a very exciting and busy term! Our topic was called ‘How has my school changed?’ and has had a history focus based on our school and our local area. We were extremely lucky to have a visitor into school who used to go to Even Swindon School in the 1960s. The children had lots of great questions to ask and thoroughly enjoyed finding out about what school was like in the past.

We also went on a local area walk around Rodbourne and visited the old Even Swindon school sites at Aldi and Rodbourne Community centre. The children enjoyed comparing old photos and pictures to what the buildings look like now and to our school.

In Art, the children have been working on their sketching skills and have loved using charcoal and pastels, despite the mess! They have learnt a variety of new skills, such as stippling, crosshatching and sketching techniques. They, then used these skills to create their own character based on a character from their traditional tale stories they have written in English. They look amazing!

We have also carried out a variety of science investigations this term, exploring different materials and their properties. We found out that plastic worked as the best shock absorber when protecting our Humpty Dumpty eggs from a great fall!

PE days
Newton Abbot – Thursday
Totnes – Thursday
Plymouth – Wednesday

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