At Even Swindon, our curriculum is driven by the need to inspire our children and develop a thirst for lifelong learning. We offer an experience-rich, vibrant and child-centred programme of study, which is ambitious for all learners. Our curriculum focuses on belonging, starting with the exploration of the child in their home, school and local environment. As the child progresses through the school, they will widen their understanding of how their current lives connect to the past and the wider world, developing sequential knowledge, skills and understanding. Our curriculum encompasses not only the formal requirements of the National Curriculum and locally agreed syllabi, but also considers our local environment and context to enrich the experience of all learners. Our curriculum is enhanced by our commitment to developing the whole child, enabling them to embrace new challenges, push their own boundaries, reflect on their learning and become responsible, respectful and resilient members of our community.

Even Swindon’s Values and Learning Behaviours