At Even Swindon Primary School, we are musicians.

We believe that our Music curriculum will encourage children to express themselves creatively and fall in love with music.

We have carefully designed our Music curriculum to provide the pupils with opportunities to learn about musical genres from around the world as well as giving them access to musical styles throughout history. Our pupils are able to listen and appraise a variety of musical styles alongside performing pieces and creating their own compositions through the use of instruments and technology.

We strive to inspire our pupils’ to grow up wanting to be music producers, songwriters, composers and even rockstars! We hope children continue to grow in confidence as they progress through the musical curriculum and become passionate in their responses to music.



We believe high quality learning in music has been achieved when pupils choose to listen and appraise a range of music and use music as an expression of themselves. When children have developed a thirst for the musical disciplines and are actively choosing to develop this further.

This will be evident through children’s engagement in their weekly music lessons, children talking enthusiastically about their music education, children choosing to learn a musical instrument and appreciating music all around them.

The impact of our music curriculum will be overseen by the subject leader(s) through learning walks, team teaching, book looks, pupil and staff voice, planning feedback, and ongoing data analysis.