Year 3

Term 3 Summary

It has been a very exciting term for us in Year 3. To begin with, we decided to take a fresh perspective on a classic children’s tale, “The Three Little Pigs,” by reading it from the perspective of the wolf. This helped inform our own writing so we wrote our own narratives using key Year 3 skills.

In Geography, we delved into the fascinating world of explorers. Through the use of globes and atlases, we not only learned about the geography of Antarctica but also discovered more about the courageous explorers who ventured there. We also had a first-hand experience of what it might be like to visit Antarctica, we organised an Antarctic experience day. This hands-on activity allowed us to learn about the challenges and wonders of this icy continent. Following the experience day, we wrote diary entries to reflect and record our day.

In our other lessons, we have learned new skills on the computer using the programme ‘publisher’. We have used different text boxes, headings, fonts and we are also planning to publish some of our own writing on there. In Music, we have started learning a new musical instrument called the glockenspiel. We look forward to developing our skills next term with this. Another fantastic term of learning!

PE days

Dawlish: Tuesday        Teignmouth: Thursday      Exeter: Thursday 

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