At Even Swindon Primary School, we are designers and innovators!

We believe in ourselves and our wide range of abilities; we are ambitious and want to become the engineers, architects, carpenters and chefs of the future!

Our well-rounded DT curriculum will encourage children to apply a range of problem-solving skills and spark creativity throughout the whole design process which is interwoven with other curriculum subject areas such as Art, Science, Maths and History. By looking at how designers have had an impact on everyday life today, the children will be inspired to ask questions and have a desire to become the innovators of tomorrow.

We have carefully designed our DT curriculum so that children have the opportunity to discover solutions to problems through hands-on, experience-rich learning which is meaningful, enriching and memorable. Our pupils are able to achieve an understanding of skills which fosters their curiosity and engagement with the world around them.

We strive to inspire our pupils’ knowledge of their local area. With its strong links to Design and Technology, Swindon offers a rich history of design and invention with the Great Western Railway, The Magic Roundabout and the former Oasis Leisure Centre. By connecting with their locality, children are inspired and have a real-life understanding of the impact DT has.



We believe high quality learning in DT has been achieved when pupils can design and make something for someone for some purpose. This may include exploration of significant designers and engineers that have had an impact on the world. Children will be enthusiastic about their learning and will seek opportunities to apply this in a range of contexts.

This will be evident through children’s engagement in the four stages of the design process; research, design, make and evaluate. This will be shown when the children are applying the technical knowledge vocabulary they have been taught to all aspects of their projects, fully embedding the purpose for teaching the key vocabulary. Children’s DT work will be celebrated around the school.

The impact of our DT curriculum will be overseen by the subject leader(s) through learning walks, team teaching, book looks, pupil and staff voice, planning feedback, and ongoing data analysis.